Koskela Educational Center

In Koskela Educational Center are organized various courses and trainings for adults and kids. Education is non-formal, while we offer our participants a brilliant opportunity to learn and develop professional skills, practice hobbies, relax actively and meet new friends.

Currently we provide Finnish, English, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish language courses – all  levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Other language courses can be provided upon requests and demands.

Visual arts and crafts courses are available for all age groups.

For information about language courses for all ages and about visual arts courses for kids,  please contact language and visual arts educational planner Daniela Ferretti (phone number +358 (0)40 1701484). For information about arts and crafts courses for adults, please contact arts and crafts educational planner Sirpa Hasa (phone number +358 (0)40 7473543).


Music classes are organized for all age groups – beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.  Music instruments that are taught in Koskela are piano, guitar, drums, violin,  accordion, singing techniques.

For information about music lessons, please contact teacher Timo Laakso (phone number +358 (0)40 1461043).



Physical exercise groups, such as pilates and strength workout, are available for all age groups.  For more information, please contact physical training coordinator Johanna Järvinen (phone number +358 (0)400 115356).