General information stydying

Koskela maintains the Äänekoski Adult Educational Center and the Educational Institute of Central Finland. We arrange art courses, such as various dances and visual arts, as well as language courses upon demands and interests. Moreover, in Koskela are arranged morning and evening activities for kids, students and youngsters.

Questions about courses, registrations 

  • phone number 0400-115366
  • Customer services open 9-15

Terms and conditions:

Academic calendar

  • Autumn semester 19.9.2022-4.2.2022
  • Spring semester 9.1.2023-13.4.2023

The schedule of our courses is delivered to every household in Äänekoski 24.8 . Registration for the courses begins on Monday 29.8  at 12.00 local time.

Holidays (no teaching sessions)

  • Autumn vacation – week 42
  • Winter vacation – week 9


Minimum study group requirement

Physical exercise courses
• 10 participants / Äänekoski town region
• 7 participants / countryside regions

Other courses
• 7 participants

Study places and times are a subject of a possible change. Changes are announced in advance on the Koskela webpage.

Participants of a course that has been a subject of a sudden change are notified via text message. We ask all the participants to make sure their contact details are valid and updated.

Prospective participants are allowed to visit a single study session free of charge, in order to decide if the course is suitable for their needs. This option is not valid for short courses and private study sessions.

Fees for small groups

  • it is possible to arrange an intermediate or advanced language course, even when the minimum number of participants is not met. In that case the tuition fee of a 7-participant group is split amongst the registered participants.
  • If the minimum group requirement is not fulfilled during a course registration period, the course does not begin. Registered participants are notified via text message whether or not the course will be implemented, the latest a week before the course is supposed to begin.
  • If there are not enough registered participants after the third study session, the course is cancelled. If a lot of participants are not attending the classes during the semester, the course gets cancelled. The course fee is usually not refunded to the registered participants, but they are redirected to another suitable course.

Single class compensations

  • if a participant does not attend a class due to personal reasons, the class fee is not refunded
  • the teacher has the right to cancel a class once a year, without the fee to be refunded to the participants


The educational center does not provide insurances for students against possible accidents. The participants are required to take care of their own safety. The study environment is ensured to be safe.

Learning certificate

The price of a learning certificate upon a course completion is 8 euros.